Book Review: “It’s Not About The Wine”

There are at least two fears any new author faces having just published a book; will anyone buy it and will any good reviews be written? I wasn’t too worried about the first concern …… I didn’t write Its Not About The Wine for big financial gain. The second concern DID worry me, nobody likes to read negative views on what you have written. Thankfully I have made steady sales and the half a dozen or so reviews written so far have all been 5🌟, which is very gratifying. The strange thing is that they are not all viewable on the same Amazon site for my book, so if you want to see reviews from the U.K. you must visit, or for US reviews, or for German reviews. Anyway, it seems that my approach to writing a wine book that “wasn’t about the wine” has struck a chord with many people, including another wine book author! I wrote entirely about a range of experiences with wine that began during student days and still continues 50 years later. I have made many friends especially in France, tasted 100+ different grapes, visited many historic towns, villages and wine related sites, and unravelled a great deal of philosophy “with” Plato, Rabelais, Voltaire, Scruton over a glass of wine. I have also made a great friend in Danell Nelson with her blog Vinthropology who did all of the necessary artwork for my book. She is one of the three “Priests of Bacchus” named in my book and writes here the most comprehensive and insightful review of my book to date.

The best books take us on a journey and teach us something along the way, sometimes about ourselves, sometimes about the world at large. When you … continue here ……

It’s Not About The Wine! By Brian Metters

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  1. Cheers to the review. I will be purchasing soon. Thanks for the reminder.

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