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Blogging about wine often gets into the classic rut of “this is what we drank last night with our pasta and this is how it tasted”. Boring to write and boring to read! Wine is a passion, a philosophy, a science, it connects with people, culture, history and travel, so when you find a blog that connects with all of these things, and a post that typifies all that is “good” about wine as a source of pleasure in many different ways then we should sit up and take notice of it. Here’s one that does all of these things, a post about a visit to a vineyard that even inspired a comment from the owner and winemaker. It’s in Italy and along the beautiful Amalia Coast ………


It is a very special feeling to be mesmerised and enchanted by the small things in life- something we experience as children and regretfully seem to forget as we grow older.

Le Vigne di Raito is a small winery producing organic wines in the very small town of Raito along the Amalfi Coast. The town itself, nestled in the coves of the mountain top above Vietri, has a population of about 996 people living in stone houses along a steep, winding road. The vineyards and winery occupy just about 2 hectares of land to the right of the town, carved into the ridges of the mountain side and surrounded by plush, mediterranean greeny. This special gem may be small in size but it is larger than in life in character. Not only is Raito a UNESCO World Heritage site, as is all of the Amalfi Coast, its location above the…

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