Is perfectionism a strength?

It can be quite fascinating to read someone else writing about oneself, without being narcissistic about what they have written! My fascination is inevitable though because it reveals to me how a collaborator felt, with the emotions they were going through as they battled with a few demons regarding their own role in a book writing project. My own demons were not so much about writing the book, but about getting it published on Amazon in both digital and print formats …… including colour photos, personal caricatures as chapter headings, a book cover, pricing and of course my own royalty. It took days! But at the same time my artwork collaborator, Danell at the blog Vinthropology, was going through her own personal hell in striving to meet not only my artwork needs, but the requirements of Amazon plus her own professional standards. Hence my post title about Perfectionism in which I reblog Danell’s recent very interesting article, a lesson to us all in project collaboration.


I’ve had the great pleasure of designing the cover art for Brian Metters’ new book: “It’s Not About The Wine! A 50 years memoir of wine WITH history, philosophy, art, travel and people”

Now available to order on Amazon Kindle, print version coming soon! It’s Not About The Wine! by Brian Metters

I met Brian, otherwise referred to as “Dr. B” through our blogs 2 years ago. Since then our friendship has grown not only out of our mutual love of wine but also our numerous conversations on a wide range of topics; mostly wine, of course, but also philosophy, perception and psychology. We may not always agree, but I’ve learned a lot from his knowledge of the human brain, his approach to tasting wine, and his acute philosophical inquiry. I hope, in some small way, he could say the same about me. I’ve also been inspired by his many…

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