When in Rome …….. match your wine to a forum!

Our regular visits to Rome have obviously been suspended this year and we have missed our biannual trip to watch the Italy v England 6 Nations Rugby as well as regular trips for further exploration of the history, culture, food and wine of this wonderful city. A single walk around the Forum Romanum just isn’t enough to capture the spirit and significance of the place, something new to discover each time. For our next visit however we had intended to explore Forum Traiani, Trajan’s Forum, built in AD 113 and facing the hotel we always use, Hotel Traiano.

Hotel Traiano is a short walk away from many historic sites including the Trevi Fountain, which as well as its obvious attraction is surrounded by restaurants, brasseries, ice cream shops and pizzerias. Our favourite here is Baccano:

BACCANO, Baccanum, from the Latin, “clamour”, of a crossroad, A Crossroad of Taste in the centre of Rome”

“Here is the term that defines to the best the strategic positioning of the location and the Here’s the word that best defines the positioning of the strategic location and the will to make it a meeting point, welcoming, cosmopolitan, lively and above all international.”

As you might have guessed it’s another favourite watering hole of ours, a truly cosmopolitan brasserie with a fantastic array of classy wines, seafood and Italian cuisine. A typical lunchtime drop-in here involves a platter of oysters for myself and a plate of buffalo mozzarella with tomatoes drizzled with olive oil for Dr C. As for the wine, I would usually have a Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi from their House Whites at €8 per glass, but if I felt like splashing out a bit it would be a glass of a different Verdicchio from the Villa Bucci vineyard ……… at €20 per glass! The price is a bit “over the top”, especially when you get to know that I once bought a bottle of this wine in a mixed case of wines shipped to England and recommended by my good blogging friend in Italy, Danell Nelson at Vinthropology. And the cost of a bottle ……. only £12! But hey, when in Rome ….

Baccano Brasserie & Cocktail Bar

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  1. The Fontana di Trevi never fails to take my breath away. Have you been to the Trastevere quarter? It’s my personal favourite, very charming and warm and a bit off the beaten path. As far as the wine goes, I believe that the mark up on the price of the bottle starts at 100% and lowers slightly as the price of the bottle increases. Sometimes it’s more convenient to buy the bottle rather than the glass, but I guess that’s hard to do with a teetotaller.

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    • No, not been over that side of the river. We quite like the Piazza Navona area, mostly the small streets leading up to it. Take a peek at Cantina e Cucina on Google maps near Navona. A lovely little place, a real favourite coming soon on Instagram and the blog.


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