Designing a Book Cover in 3 Acts. Act 1: Brainstorming

Blogging can be an “empty” endeavour, we write alone and post into an echo chamber with a few views, fewer likes and zero comments. It happens to all of us ….. unless we work hard to cultivate a community where the ultimate result is collaboration. This can be reblogging someone else’s post, (as I’m doing here), sharing information, or actually collaborating in a project. Such a project collaboration has happened to me recently and in the next few days I will post about it from my own perspective demonstrating how I was helped in the publication of my new book It’s Not About The Wine. The help I needed came from Danell Nelson, my American sommelier friend living in Italy, someone with a quite unique way of writing about wine, often from an aesthetic viewpoint rather than a purely sensory viewpoint. Her blog is at Vinthropology and she has just begun a series of 3 posts describing our collaboration, so here is the first, Act 1, Brainstorming:


I’ve had the great pleasure of designing the cover art for Brian Metters’ new book: “It’s Not About The Wine! A 50 years memoir of wine WITH history, philosophy, art, travel and people”

Now available to order on Amazon Kindle, print version coming soon! It’s Not About The Wine! by Brian Metters

I met Brian, otherwise referred to as “Dr. B” through our blogs 2 years ago. Since then our friendship has grown not only out of our mutual love of wine but also our numerous conversations on a wide range of topics; mostly wine, of course, but also philosophy, perception and psychology. We may not always agree, but I’ve learned a lot from his knowledge of the human brain, his approach to tasting wine, and his acute philosophical inquiry. I hope, in some small way, he could say the same about me. I’ve also been inspired by his many…

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