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It’s Not About The Wine” is the title of my new book to be published in Kindle format on Amazon on November 30th. Subtitled “A 50 years memoir of wine WITH history, philosophy, art, people and travel” it outlines a 50 year journey through a hobby which has taken me from boozy weekends with a university wine club in the 60s through to recently being a wine judge for the People’s Choice Wine Awards (PCWA). It’s been a lot of fun!

It’s Not About The Wine” is a mixture of travels and personal learning, not merely from books but from personal experiences. We have tramped across vineyards in Chablis, Pommard, Volnay grubbing in the soil to understand the concept of terroir, spent hours engaging with winemakers in their cellars and wineries learning about their processes and decision making, walked the towns, the streets, the chateau and the river banks of Alsace, Burgundy, Rhône and Languedoc absorbing their history and culture, and sat in wine bars around the world from Californian to Cadiz “drinking” as much philosophy as wine! It’s amazing how philosophical one can get after a few glasses of a good Burgundy!

Whether you are an experienced or novice wino, a qualified sommelier or WSET student, there is plenty to learn here, plenty to enjoy and laugh at; it might be how to build a wine collection, why you could once buy “American Chablis”, drinking wine from a fountain in Chateauneuf du Pape, or maybe the neuroscience of retronasal smell and why you taste pepper in Shiraz or gooseberry in Sauvignon Blanc. All gained from experiences you can repeat for yourself.

Released on November 30th you can visit the Amazon page for “It’s Not About The Wine” NOW by clicking on the link …….

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  1. Sounds wonderful! I hope you will consider putting it in print form on Amazon. I’d love to read it that way! Good luck! I know it will be a success!

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  2. I’ve been to San Francisco several times but for different reasons never go out of the city. On one occasion we had a power outage for a whole day that led to a planned trip being cancelled. My wine tasting there has mostly been of PN in bars and hotels! Still a good experience as I always timed it to be around 5pm to 6pm when such places were mobbed and very noisy!


  3. Where have you been in California? Trying wines in different parts of the world is a great motivation for travel. Every time I take a trip I look for some wineries in the area. Of course it’s easy in Italy because wine is everywhere!

    P.s. love the header image!


  4. You have been busy! Good luck with this one.

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    • Thanks Darlene, appreciate your comment. Not done for financial gain, but definitely an exercise in rising to a challenge and recording so many memories which was staggering when I started to write. Editing had to be quite vicious because 50 years of wine is a lot of bottles 👍🍷🙏

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