Do you have the five virtues of a wine lover?

I’m currently writing my second book, it’s about wine, and lots of other things like wine with history, wine with philosophy, art, and currently …… wine and celestial bodies! It’s chapter 20, and it’s a tongue in cheek title for an explanation of terroir and biodynamic winemaking, the latter approach treating winemaking as something that takes place within a wide ranging system including the movement of the sun and the moon which determine when to plough, when to prune, when to feed, how to feed, when to harvest. At this point you might be thinking “he’s lost his mind”, but there are many winemakers around the world now following this approach, including a few friends of mine in Burgundy. 

I first came across biodynamics 5 years ago in the wine village of Turkheim in Alsace, France and my curiosity was piqued, especially the scientist within me, although my scientist wife bought into it immediately as being of Nepalese origin where she grew up with a calendar that changes each year depending on the phases of the moon. Curiosity …… one of FIVE essential characteristics of being a wine lover according to Alder Yarrow in his blog Vinography:

I believe the single most important quality for any wine lover to cultivate should be their sense of curiosity. The breath and diversity of the wine world almost defies description. With dozens of countries producing wine from thousands of different kinds of grapes, the landscape open to the adventurous drinker rewards exploration with experience. Indeed, more than any wine course or wine book, simply tasting different kinds of wine as often as practically possible may make the greatest difference in any aspiring wine lover’s life. Such exploration invariably yields two primary benefits. First, it helps us figure out what we like and what we don’t. Second, it yields the kind of discoveries that fuel the excitement that makes up a part of every wine lover’s passion. For some that may be the thrill of finding a $15 bottle that drinks like a $50 bottle. For others it might be the first taste of a wine that really smells like lychees. Nothing befits a wine lover more than a childlike desire to experience yet another unknown corner of the wine world.”

Why not read the rest and see if you have all FIVE characteristics read more

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  1. Traditionally, all agriculture followed phases of the sun and moon. Not so much anymore in these days of weather forecasts, fertilizers, irrigation, pesticides, herbicides, you-name-it-cides. However, in spite of the best modern technology, farmers still are governed by the weather, although not necessarily by the phases of the moon. My maternal grandfather always planted his garden by the phases of the moon — potatoes and other root vegetables in the dark of the moon, everything else in the light of the moon. It must have worked — his garden was always lush and productive.

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  2. I’m really not sure I have what it takes.

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