Rules for education aid work?

Our newly published book, An Englishman In Nepal, gives some insights into the 10 years of our education aid work in Kathmandu. Having developed 200 schools and trained 2000 primary school teachers we arrived at 5 “rules” or truisms that are surely identical across any developing country:

    As an aid worker you are either part of the solution or … part of the problem.
    Governments don’t like being challenged.
    Many of the barriers to setting up an NGO involve corruption and bureaucratic incompetence.
    Always consider how much of an aid organisations funding directly benefits those most in need.
    Always question whether your work is holistic and leaves a legacy.
    If you work in the field of education aid, build teachers not schools.

We dedicate a whole chapter to our strategy for changing the whole primary education system in Nepal which will also point you towards all of our research papers and a legacy online learning facility. All in An Englishman In Nepal.

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  1. My husband worked in international development in the field of agriculture. He says exactly the same things.

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