An Englishman in Nepal

Our first book published on Amazon available in Kindle version, a print version currently being worked on. Many thanks to all here who gave feedback as draft chapters were published on the blog here. If you are visiting Nepal our personal experiences and anecdotes will prepare you for the culture shock, if you are venturing into the mountains it could save your life, and if you are an education aid worker our tales will guide you through the labyrinth of Nepal bureaucratic incompetence! We hope you’ll buy it in any case and share some of our adventures both high and low.

An Englishman in Nepal is not a guidebook. It is a personal account of a years worth of time spent in Nepal over an extended period, a period that changed my life and it could change yours too if you focus on the right things and engage with the people of this extraordinary country. Kathmandu is a veritable “gold mine” of culture, history, diverse ethnic groups, religion, architecture, food, art, music, museums …… and yet tourists rarely step beyond “the monkey temple”, the bazaars of Thamel, the cremation ghats of Pashpatinath before taking a bus to Pokhara to sit beside a lake looking at the beautiful unclimbed snow peak of Machapuchare drinking Coke or beer. Some will move on for a short trek in the Annapurna Sanctuary or in the Solu Kumbhu towards Everest. But it will mostly be done in haste, a desire to cram in as many fleeting experiences in as short a time as possible with as many selfies as possible. 

Through personal experience and anecdotes An Englishman in Nepal makes the case for slowing down physically and metaphorically and for being mindfully selective in visiting Nepal. You will not find any Top 10 lists of restaurants or hotels or trekking companies here, but you will discover something about the soul of the country and it’s people and how YOU could benefit from immersing yourself, maybe in small stages over time, making each visit a specific focus, something to be mindful of and to savour. Just as we did.”


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  1. Congratulations sir! Hoping to get it on Nepal as well. All the best regards 🤗

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  2. Congratulations Dr Brian on your new book!
    I would love to give a read, if it’s available in Nepal through Amazon.

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    • Yes, click the image of the book in the post and you will go to the amazon page. It’s only available in digital format at present I’m having difficulty getting it into print format. One education book on values is published too.


  3. Thank you so much for the information… I will try reading it into Amazon… But will be more grateful to read on print…. Will be longing for print version… Happy to hear that your Mrs is Nepali and from a newar community…. Well I am not from newar community ….I belong to Rai community one of the indigenous tribe of Nepal …. And I am From swoyambhu near Monkey Temple… My best wishes for your new upcoming books…

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  4. Congratulations for your new book..
    Is it available in Nepal???

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    • Hi, and thank you so much for your comment and question. I really don’t know if my books are available in Nepal, buying digitally is probably determined by whether people have credit cards to pay Amazon. I have written to Amazon to ask them. I haven’t yet published a print version yet because I seem to be having a problem with the colour photos involved, but I will keep trying. Are you a Newar? You live in a Newari village, my wife is Newar from Ason, Kathmandu. She is a Tuladhar.


  5. Congratulations on your new book.

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  6. Congratulations on publishing your book!

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  7. Congratulations! How wonderful that you have published your book. I love the cover.

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