Wine Masterclass #6 Improve your understanding of wine aromas

Did you know that there are THREE types or sources of aroma in that glass of wine you are drinking? Some come directly from the grape itself …. “naturally” you might say! But others arise from chemical reactions taking place during fermentation…. and once again, you might say “so what”! And then there is the third type of aroma resulting from the breakdown of these chemicals as the wine ages in the bottle over time. Hopefully by now you’re getting it …. if you can learn how to identify these three types of aroma just think how much MORE enjoyable your wine tasting and visits to vineyards might be? Here’s a very useful article by Andrea Buffa over at Wine Folly to help you “deep dive” …..

“Behind those countless flavors we sniff is a molecule. It enters your nose, impacts your olfactory receptors, and generates a signal to your brain which tells us things like, “I’m smelling strawberry!” Read more ….

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