52 Books Challenge: (#26 Mountain of Mars) With a touch of magic!

Mountain of Mars by Glynn Stewart is the 8th book in the Starship’s Mage series. Easy to tell from the cover that it’s a science fiction series with a touch of magic thrown in so it crosses over into the fantasy genre too. I think it would be unfair and possibly confusing if I directly reviewed this book so far into the series. It would be quite a hollow review without spoilers from the previous 7 in the series. So I will give an introductory overview.

The series begins with and then follows the “adventures” of a young Damien Montgomery, a mage with the ability to “jump” or propel ships through space, an ability in short supply but essential to inter planetary and inter galactic travel. There are Jump Mages on every ship, whether military, freight or pirate, but mages still need connections to get work with higher level and higher paying ships. The first book is called Starship’s Mage in which Montgomery a ship he is on is attacked by pirates and he comes into conflict with a most powerful criminal organisation operating galaxy wide. This brings him to the attention of the Mage-King of Mars and Damiens troubles as well as his fortunes are about to begin.

This space opera series is an easy read, not as deep or challenging as those written by Banks, Baxter or Hamilton….. but a welcome light relief from heavier stuff!

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