Should you join a wine club?

With a personal hobby of wine collecting and visiting vineyards the current pandemic has completely stopped any visits I had planned. A few planned were here in England around the counties of Kent and Sussex, and we were also due a late Spring visit to Burgundy based in the village of Puligny Montrachet. But collecting and exploring new wines hasn’t been completely curtailed by the coronavirus and lockdown thanks to my membership of The Wine Society (UK).

Today for example I have received a case of Beaujolais from them I ordered only a couple of weeks ago, and before that I took delivery of a couple of cases of wines from the Languedoc region of France particularly Corbieres and Minervois wines, 12 different wines from different winemakers. There is no regular subscription and no need for regular purchases. It’s a great way to either continue building your collection or to explore new wines supplied from a specialist club-merchant. Here’s a good explanation of all of the benefits from the Carrots and Tigers blog I really enjoyed:

“With bars and restaurants around the world either closed or operating on significantly restricted schemes, online sales of wines are currently booming. Which leaves the question, what wines should you order? Of course, you could simply re-stock on those you already know and like. But what about discovering new wines – which in normal times you would likely do going to the wine country, tasting wines on-site guided by knowledgeable staff at the wineries.If you are looking for alternative ways to discover new wines and learn more about wine, wineries and wine regions in general, joining a wine club or wine membership is a great alternative.In fact, joining a wine club is a fantastic way to get immediate access to a large range of wines from around the world delivered to your doorstep as well as constantly enlarging your wine knowledge.” Continue reading …..

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