Twelve greenhouses for free!

It’s only a year ago we were assured by left wing politicians, the BBC, The Guardian, Bob Geldof, AC Grayling old Uncle Tom Cobbley and All that we would run out of lettuce(!) and many other foodstuffs as well as medicines if we left the EU. So, in mock retort I created my Brexit garden where I planted vegetables in front of flower borders and made four raised beds in boxes where a lawn used to be.

Well here we are in a Coronavirus calamity and my Brexit garden is coming into its own again as I have already planted out onions, garlic, carrots, lettuce, spring onions, spinach, runner beans, French beans, radish and mustard. I also planted out Greyhound Cabbage and within a few days had lost the lot, probably to slugs sent over from Brussels! But, I have my own secret weapon …… home made personal greenhouses for each plant. Take a plastic bottle, remove the bottom and cut it in half. Place one half over each cabbage plant and press well down into the soil. Hey presto you now have 12 micro greenhouses from 6 empty coke bottles! If only I could grow my own Pinot Noir grapes ….

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  1. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing your ingenuity

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  2. We only have a balcony but at least the slugs 🐌 can’t get that high. Doing well for herbs 🌿 and my wife bought Strawberry 🍓 plants this morning so not starving yet 😷😊

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    • Us neither, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s deliveries like clockwork to us as we’re long standing customers. Lettuce are under netting and seem to be doubling in size daily. It must be all of the BBC bullshit they’re being fed on 😂👍👍🍷


  3. Wow! It’s a nice idea.Thank you for sharing Brian. 🙂

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