A Macro morning walk

True Macro photography is very difficult, it requires firstly a good macro lens that can get really really close to your chosen subject. Often this means getting close to a single petal of a flower, the wings of a bee, the stamens inside a flower, a fungus almost unseeable to the naked eye. I have done all of these with my daughter, Sharon, when she was very young. We became fungus hunters seeking out tiny orange or yellow dots on dead trees that when examined under a microscope were perfectly formed mushroom shaped! We had amazing equipment, a Nikon camera and a macro lens with macro rings.

Nowadays I have a decent digital camera but find that my iPhone is more than adequate for semi macro images that don’t move! What do you think of this one from my morning walk, a brightly coloured Cuckoo Pint?

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  1. i also get some nice “macro” shots with my google pixel phone. i wish i could do more with the dof with the phone camera.

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  2. Impressive for ‘a small digital camera’. The world becomes so much bigger through macro photography.

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