Plant less trees, NOT more!

Don’t fret, my headline was in jest, but if you are a hay fever sufferer at the extreme end of the spectrum like myself, this is not a pleasant time of the year. Just look at today’s uk pollen map, a red alert, and I get symptoms in early March when the tree pollen count is negligible! Just look at today’s forecast for birch and ash tree pollen.

Waking up every morning with a cough and sore throat is not fun, this is a time when any cough raises stress levels to hell and back! 

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  1. On the inhalers this week – oddly, today better than yesterday. Pollen should decrease from ‘high’ to ‘moderate’ on Friday. Typical- you wait for the good weather and then have to stay in because of pollen, or mad pyrotechnic bonfire-enthusiasts. Oh yes- barbecues next. Bah humbug! Keep keeping on!

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  2. I know exactly what you mean!

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  3. I can understand your quandary Dr. B. I do at least hope your symptoms remain one – and not the other.

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  4. where i live in SoCal, it is allrgy season most of the year. lol im constantly on the long acting antihistamines and flonase. lol

    but then i have many tress around me that bloom, and of course the many wildflowers that are always around. i live on a dirt road and of course the SoCal air quality is not the best. BUT…since the stay at home orders… the SoCal air quality has improved, a lot!!!

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