The best coffee shop near you?

Personally I’m not a coffee lover, give me a cup of tea made from large leaf in a teapot any day. A dash of milk or slice of lemon in a Golden Tips leaf from the Dankhuta district in Nepal …… perfect! But two things attract me about coffee shops/cafes these days; first Dr C is a coffee lover so in we go, and second find a good one and they can be relaxing and entertaining places. I’ll leave the entertainment side of them for now, but essentially I mean the “people watching” fun that’s free and on-tap!

Our favourite brand/house is Caffè Nero and we have four within a 10 mile radius of our home; in Swindon, Cirencester, Witney, and Burford. The latter is in the centre of a classic Cotswolds tourist village and …. our favourite for all of the typical reasons. Take a look at the images of the upper floor of this branch and you’ll see one of the main reasons that it’s our favourite. A pity we can’t visit during the current Coronavirus situation but it’s a place to look forward to visiting again soon:

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  1. Sigh! I envy you. Here in Alberta, everything is so new and shiny and modern and history-less (if that’s a word).

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    • We still have a mixture of places like this with a lot of history such as bars, restaurants etc alongside ones that have been ripped out for lots of plastic!


  2. We drink tea at home and coffee when we go out. Hubby doesn’t like tea in restaurants and coffee/tea shops. I think he married me because I can make a good cup of tea! I´m not a big coffee drinker but the coffee here in Spain is quite good. (made with hot milk)


  3. Charming spot! We don’t get too many coffee chains in France, although there’s a Starbucks in nearby Cap 3000 shopping centre. We like to cycle over to Italy for an espresso which fuels our ride back. 100km in total and well worth it. We can only dream of this while pedalling furiously on the home trainer, on the terrace.

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