A Zoom virtual wine tasting beats Coronavirus!

Family wine tastings are a bit of a challenge at present with Coronavirus preventing buying a wine and then the risk of the family coming together. The first of these, buying a wine, is not a problem to this family since we all have large collections built up over many years of visiting vineyards across Europe. The second problem, one of coming together as a family, cannot, nor should not be overcome directly. So, enter ZOOM Video Conferencing, an app used by my globe trotting daughter to conduct meetings and workshops with colleagues all around the world without leaving her home office.

Our first virtual wine tasting was held last Saturday, we chose a Chablis Vielles Vines (Old vines) from Domaine les Malandes. We visited their winery a year ago so have plenty of their wines in stock. During the visit we tasted 8 different levels/grades of Chablis with Richard Rottiers, the joint owner and winemaker and I’ll repost my post on this visit in a few days. Anyway, back to the Zoom virtual tasting, at 16.15 Sharon sent me a link to connect, one click and we were in! After that it became quite a laugh as we sniffed, slurped, and talked about the fabulous visit we had discussing Chablis with Richard. To cap it off, we started messing around with different backgrounds you can add to your video connection and at one point Sharon had a background of the actual tasting a year ago in Chablis. The screenshots below give a good idea of ZOOM, but its very easy to use, and free provided only two tablets are connected for 40 mins. Sharon has a corporate subscription so we can connect as many as we like. Do try it!

The Zoom Pour

The Zoom Sniff

The Zoom Backgrounds


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  1. I love Zoom. I Zoomed with my Canadian critique partners on the weekend and it was perfect. There some great ways to stay connected during this time of isolation.

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