Still keeping calm and carrying on!

A little bit of sunshine does you good! So now the UK is in virtual lockdown. “Am I bovvered?” Not a bit. Did a bit of gardening this morning planting out the onions I’d pre sprouted, reorganised the larder shelves and had a long chat with my best friend in Kathmandu. Now, sitting in the garden contemplating this Wine Society Argentine Malbec.

Bloody good, still won’t wean me off a good Pommard but hey, you can’t get a half decent Pommard under £50. Pity about the Wine Society going into lockdown so no deliveries. I always knew that collection would come in handy, need to think which £100 bottle of Burgundy to start with!

Keep going Boris, you’re doing great but please do relax a bit. You’re always welcome here and don’t take any notice of those journalist leftie bastards. Pity the Wine Society is in lockdown though, any chance of a bottle from your cellar?👍🍷


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  1. Nothing wrong with that! 😂 If you read my Corbieres post you get a mention!


  2. Berry Bros & Rudd are still delivering but they don’t have as good (or affordable) a selection unfortunately. It may be this is the “special occasion” for which some of my wine was destined. It may even be time to open that bottle of Chinese Cabernet Sauvignon… 🤔

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  3. I’m jealous — you can do some gardening. It’s still winter here in Alberta. Snow on the ground and icicles festooning our sunroom.

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    • Sorry Margaret, it must be agony reading about others kicking off their gardening. I have planted out onions, garlic and sown carrots in the last two days. Lots of perennials are poking up from the ground too but my hay fever has gone haywire with the tree pollen.


  4. Looking good Dr B x

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