Significant Quotations #3 Old age creeps up on you?

What a cracker of an observation from the American poet, Emily E Dickinson! Exactly one year ago before my 72nd birthday I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease which means I must remain on a gluten-free diet for the rest of my life. The gluten was eating me! So, no more pizzas, pasta, bread, cakes, biscuits, naan bread, or …… Cornish pasties. Also, no more canned soups, baked beans, sauces, etc etc etc ……. you really won’t believe what you have stored in your cupboards that has wheat in it. We threw out of our house box loads of foods and sauces, all containing wheat. A small fun challenge for you, look at the labels on stuff in your larder and see how many products contain wheat. Eating out has become a heck of an ongoing challenge, no more beer either, but thank goodness wine is ok! I suddenly felt old.

Then, if that wasn’t enough, 3 months later I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had my prostate removed in October. Not complaining, but restricted movement and incontinence (for now) takes some getting used to!

Anyway, to return to the quote, at 60 I was still climbing big peaks in the Himalaya and frozen waterfalls in the Alps. At 65 I was still cycling close to 100 miles in a day. So, nobody can convince me that old age crept up on me, it didn’t! How about you?

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  1. This knee surgery has really left me feeling old, but I do hope it’s temporary! It certainly points up the fragility of our bodies.

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  2. Time is moving faster as well…


  3. I think it happens so fast. One day doing everything with ease, the next everything is an effort. The Emily Dickenson quote is right on. It just happens to everyone at a different time. I will fight it as long as I can. Stay safe and healthy.

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    • Thanks Darlene, you too. We are well organised, almost self isolating, grocery deliveries weekly booked up to mid April, daughter who lives only 8 miles away is doing “in between” shopping for us. 🙏🙏🤦‍♂️👍🍷


  4. I still have this to look forward to. Of course, I’m going to try and ignore it but…..

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  5. Almost identical. We were running marathons and then halfs and 10Ks until less than a year ago. We traveled widely, I went back to work at a 24/7 senior admin job the year I turned 70 and didn’t skip a beat. But various things started to “fail” and about a year ago, when I was 73, I knew I had switched to being old. I don’t actually mind – I’m just so glad we did so many things – but you’re dead on, when it happens it happens fast!

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