History Facts: #3 A Little Saxon Saint

Minster Lovell is a small village and parish situated in the Windrush Valley, and midway between the towns of Burford and Witney in Oxfordshire. It’s divided into three parts, Old Minster, Little Minster and New Minster with a combined population of about 1500. Although there have been findings here from the Neolithic period, it’s the Saxon and Medieval periods that command most interest in Old Minster, with plenty to see and enjoy. 

In a fairly small area you will find the church of St Kenelm and the ruins of Minster Lovell Hall, the church named after a Saxon saint and the Hall once belonging to Lord Lovell and now reduced to ruins from the 15th century. It’s an interesting and pleasant area to visit with paths alongside the river as well as free access to the Hall and Church, the former now in the care of English Heritage. Read more about the history of the hall and the Lovell family on the English Heritage website and the history of St Kenelm church here at Britain Express.

If you are ever in the area do visit the village, there’s a splendid hotel and excellent pub, but I’ll leave you to find those yourselves! 

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  1. Nice to see a post about Minster Lovell. It’s a little gem tucked away in deepest Oxfordshire. We go there to admire the ruins sometimes, living less than 45 minutes away, and yes I can vouch for the pub too!

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  2. Yes, have loved Minster Lovell since my first visit in the 1970s.


  3. Looks like a lovely place. Oh the history you have! It’s so wonderful.

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  4. Pretty much everywhere in the Cotswolds in charming

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