No technology, only chalkboards and copy books!

During our 10 years education aid work in Nepal we didn’t find a single school that was using technology in any primary school classroom …… and we worked with 200 schools in the capital city, Kathmandu. Chalkboards and exercise books, the forerunners of electronic whiteboards and personal tablets, were everywhere however, with children copying things down from the chalkboard or often from shared textbooks. So you will not be surprised that exercise books are known as “Copies” and are prized possessions amongst children, especially when a parent can buy one or two for them ….. because the government doesn’t automatically supply them! 

I wrote an earlier post about Tiffin Day at the final school we built in Nepal and now it’s the turn of Copies Day, the day when we supply Motibinayak School with 5000 Copy Books to be distributed term by term to approximately 200 children. That’s an average of 25 Copies per child, though older children will get 30+ and the younger ones 15-20 and when the big delivery arrives the excitement amongst the children is understandable:

Click the links to see Tiffin Day at Motibinayak School and the inauguration ceremony when we had finished the new building, earthquake proofed, which will give you links to other research aspects of our aid work if you are an education professional.


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  1. You have brought back vivid memories of the first day of school and the excitement of starting new, what we called, scribblers. One for each subject. I even remember the smell of them. I can just imagine the excitement of these students.

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  1. Prize Day at a small school in Nepal – Buddha Walks Into A Wine Bar ….
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