Tiffin day at a small school in Nepal

The sheer joy that a small box of cakes etc can bring to a child in Nepal is a joy in itself to behold! Having ended our full time education operation after 10 years there in 2017, our final act was to completely rebuild one of the poorest schools in Kathmandu. We had already developed 200 schools in the capital city educationally and we chose Motibinayak school for infrastructure development because of the leadership of the principal, Laxmi, and the efforts they had made to develop the quality of education in all classes. We also left a “legacy” sum of money in trust for the school to withdraw interest each year to fund three special days there, Tiffin Day, Copies Day (copies is the name they give to exercise books) and Parents Day.
Tiffin day has just arrived and each child gets a food goodie box, a mix of savouries and pastries for lunchtime from us …… and here it is:

If you want to read about our building of Motibinayak School as the final act of our education aid work in Nepal click the link.


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  1. Lovely !!!! we can see the happiness on the face of those little ones which are so precious.Great!!!

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  2. How special. The children look so happy to have these treats.

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  3. I do hope that your outstanding work, as described, has had and is having some significant spin-off into the wider Primary educational system of Nepal.

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    • Thanks Roland but I have my doubts because of the widespread incompetence and corruption. As well as the direct work we did in 200 schools we also did a lot of research into a Quality Education process and monitoring tools, the role of the School Management Committee, Focused Strategies for changing the primary education system for example and I don’t think that any of the reports and papers we wrote have been auctioned in 3 years. I’m afraid it’s a hopeless basket case at present.

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