How to Review Your Year of Books Read

I received an email the other day from Goodreads, a website I use to search for books of interest and to read reviews written by enthusiasts. It gave me a complete breakdown of all of the books I’d read across the year which I found quite interesting and surprising in some areas.
“Goodreads is a social cataloguing website that allows individuals to freely search its database of books, annotations, and reviews. Users can sign up and register books to generate library catalogs and reading lists. They can also create their own groups of book suggestions, surveys, polls, blogs, and discussions.”

I also received a useful email from Audible who reviewed the 17 books I’d purchased and read from them across the year.

However these two emails have taught me a lesson to add ALL of my books in Goodreads since there were at least 30 odds and sods of sci-fi and thriller books I read too on impulse. It would be good to have them included at the end of my year too.

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