Wine, Chateaux, History and Philosophy all in one place.

Chinon in the Val de Loire, France is the place we came closest to buying a house in France three years ago. Burgundy may be our favourite wine region, mostly being based on our love of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay as well as having several winemaker friends there. But the area around Chinon has a different feel to it; more relaxed and laid back, very friendly people, lots of history …. the Plantagenets, philosophers, also lovely countryside with chateau everywhere, and of course wine …. the Cabernet Franc and the Chenin Blanc.

Our recent stay in the centre of Chinon was a family affair with our daughter and her husband joining us. Great to visit vineyards, Chateau, museums and outstanding restaurants together …. Plus a few iconic wine bars of course. Each morning we would all do something different for morning exercise pre breakfast, cycling, tai chi, or walking. My walks took me around vineyards, the castle walls and the narrow streets of old Chinon with only my iPhone in my pocket. Here’s a few “snaps” from those walks spread over the week:

Chateau Chinon

Chateau Chinon, an imposing fortress rather than a palace.

Chinon, Maison Rouge

Chinon’s narrow streets with restaurants and wine bars

Old Chinon and the River Vienne

Chinon, old doors

Chinon old doors

Classic French tabac!

Chinon, vineyards and the River Vienne

Electric scooters for hire, €25 per day

The morning Tai Chi set

Chinon Society Rabelais

Chinon, Rabelais Society

Chinon local artist shop window

A walk around Chateau Chinon walls

A walk around the Chateau walls

And finally ……… anyone?

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  1. No arguments from me. Looks perfectly delightful! The photos are so well done – love the tai chi shot, those marvelous old trees. I haven’t been to France since I was a baby, except for one overnight stay in Strausburg on a trip to Germany.

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  2. Great photographs. Very atmospheric.

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  3. Love these pictures. Looks like such a lovely place. Must explore France some more.

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  4. Yes, a lovely town. I’ve visited briefly in the past, but don’t know it well. Thanks for the tour.

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  5. Lovely set of photos, really gives a feel for the place.


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