How to easily recognise culture

We love France, the French people, the towns and villages, their wine, and ……… their enduring and delightful ways of maintaining and demonstrating their culture. Festivals that celebrate obscure events like the grapes first turning red, the escargot, the moule, and so on. But there is a sure fire way to see how much they believe in their history and culture. Wander around the smallest of villages and note all of the street names, such as here in Chinon:

Mostly philosophers, a few characters from history, but I have yet to see any “foreigners” except the occasional Rue de Winston Churchill or Place de General Eisenhower. Unlike England which is slowly being splattered with Nelson Mandela Avenue, Barack Obama Street! Quite a difference between our two countries in terms of “pride in one’s past” eh?

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  1. I think we have pride in our past but we demonstrate it in a very different way to the French. We are patriotic but not Nationalistic. Our multiculturalism is a legacy of our Imperial past. We cannot turn our backs on commitments that were made two hundred years ago. We celebrate Nelson Mandela because we created him. Just some quick thoughts.

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  2. It’s true the French take enormous pride in their culture, history, heritage, food……’s one of the things we love about living here.

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