Picture behind the story #24 Did I Reach The Summit?

The summit of Imja Tse beckoned, only the ice pyramid to overcome, would my 12 months upskilling and preparation pay off? Mountaineering IS suffering!

Stage 1: Twin Otter, Kathmandu to Lukla

Twin Otter at Lukla

Twin Otter at Lukla

Stage 2: Trek to Everest Base Camp, 10 days

Trail to Everest Base Camp

Everest trail

Stage 3: Find your mountain, camp high, keep hydrated

Mess Tent, Imja Tse slopes

Stage 4: Ascend slopes and snow ridge

Imja Tse, ridge leading to peak summit

Stage 5: Time for some ice-climbing

Imja Tse final ice pyramid

Stage 6: Strike a pose on the summit

Summit, Imja Tse, 20,305ft

Stage 7: Descend safely, look back and admire!

Island Peak, Imja Tse, Nepal

Imja Tse 20,305ft

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  1. excellent post and you have some really nice photos!

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  2. Awesome achievement. I am trying to think what I could do as my next challenge after Everest Base Camp…

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  3. This is very impressive, well done and thanks for sharing your photos. This reminds me of the book Into Thin Air about climbing Everest, if you like to read I suggest checking that one out.

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  4. This is absolutely amazing!!!! And the photos are stunning indeed. WOW 😍👌🌁

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  5. Gorgeous! What an impressive achievement – congratulations!

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  6. Impressive!! What some folks will do to get a great photo!! Joking aside it was a great accomplishment.

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    • Thank you, it took me three attempts on three different years. Mostly summits were in too dangerous a place for a photo but bizarrely this summit was flat even though ascending an ice pyramid to reach it.

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