Picture behind the story #22 A tale of Two Toilets!

There are some things that cameras just seem to be drawn to. With some it’s food, with others it’s landscapes, or doors, balconies, washing lines …..

A couple of years ago we spent Christmas in Brussels, the usual stuff … Christmas markets with mulled wine, light show at night, a square turned into an ice rink. What did we concentrate our cameras on? Toilets!

It began when we experienced a self cleaning, rotating toilet in the Ladies which we took a video of, but I can’t find it to publish here. Anyway, it was fun and added another dimension to the eating and drinking focus of the 5 days so as Christmas approaches again here’s a couple of examples, one quite artistic and one very traditional. You decide which is which.

Brussels toilet with a mural of a monk urinating in garden

Classical urinals in a Brussels brasserie


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  1. Brussels is one of my favourite European cities! I’ve been many times and always find something new and quirky. I’ve never run into quirky toilets though!

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  2. Glad I’m not the only one who takes pictures of bathrooms.

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    • It all began 35 years ago when I took my then 5 year old daughter to visit the Toilet Museum in Stoke on Trent! The place was a complete giggle for her and we still laugh that when we sat down in the cafe for a pot of tea she came close and whispered to me “dad, I want a whisper”. I thought this was a new way of saying she wanted to go to the toilet, so I said …. “its over there”. But what she actually meant was she wanted a Wispa, the new thing in chocolate bars from Cadbury at the time!!!!!!!! We’re still giggling to this day.


  3. How did you explain these pictures at the police station?

    A couple of years ago I went to Hull and popped into the public loos which are Victorian and quite famous and I wanted to take some pictures. I had to hang around for a while until there was no one else there and I felt really seedy and guilty.

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