Picture behind the story #21 “Murdering Chillies” in Kathmandu!

My sister in law decided she wanted to make some chilli pickle so asked her husband, Dr Madan, to go out early morning and buy enough to make a few jars. We drove out to the Swayambhu area (Monkey Temple) because apparently this is where two ladies sold their only crop on the side of a dusty road encircling the temple.

Two ladies selling chillies in Kathmandu on a dusty street

This is still a typical way to shop in Kathmandu, even though supermarkets have now cropped up around the city, if you want vegetables, rice, pulses, meat, fish …… A conversation took place between them over how many and of which type of chilli to buy based on the recipe and number of jars to be made. I understood little of it, except the part where the proportion of “ordinary” finger length chillies were to be bought compared to the “murdering” round chillies for extra heat! An appropriate name for what was to be the final outcome!

Here’s more street selling in Kathmandu the old city:


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  1. Your final picture reminded me of the Moroccan spice market. We brought a lot home and three years later threw it all away unused!

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  2. I love shopping for produce this way. Hope the pickles didn’t murder anyone!!

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