Picture behind the story #16 This is boring let’s tweet about it

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16. This is boring, let’s Tweet about it!

Behind the magnificent Altare della Patria building is the Capitoline Hill, overlooking the Foro Romano and giving a good vantage point for some elevated photos. Here you will find the simply named Capitoline Museum, and probably the very best museum in Rome if you want to see statues, carvings and bronze sculptures from the days of the Roman Empire. Occupying two sides of the Hill and across an imposing plaza are two entrances ….. take the one on the right to begin your exploration. Here’s a few examples of what you will find.

Bronzes and sculptures at the Capitoline Museum, Rome

However, as we initially ascended the steps to enter the square I took this photo of these three young people who were just so engrossed in their phones; were they reading about the museum or something inside, or looking at a map to find their way to Trevi Fountains, or maybe seeking train times to get out to Ostia Antica? But the amazing thing about this photo is that they were STILL there when we came out 90mins later, still so engrossed you could have driven a Roman chariot pulled by four horses up the steps and I’m sure they wouldn’t have taken any notice!

Three tourists with phones at the Capitoline Museum, Rome

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  1. I often wonder how we managed to get by without mobile phones and tablets!

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