Picture behind the story #13 How we chose our peaceful place

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13. How we chose our “peaceful place”

I guess we’ve all, got one, that special place where we find peace, calm, serenity even? A place to go to when we need to get away from it all, either in reality or in ones mind as an aid to meditation. Our family special place is only a few minutes walk away, out of the house, turn left, left again and we’re into a local nature reserve with areas of woodland, water meadow, ponds and a lake. Birds, butterflies, deer, pheasants, insects, fungus, and an array of wild flowers.

Our children spent hours here learning the names of different flora and birds, drawing, taking photographs; in those days 30 years ago it was a “managed” reserve, but today it is sadly unmanaged, wild almost, though the footpaths are still well used by dog walkers.

There’s one glade in the middle of this place with a rustic seat made from logs, this is where we come to sit, look at the still water of the lake, the birds, dragonflies, and the water lilies. We remember the hours we spent here, and the one who is no longer with us.

A log bench in a secluded glade in our special peaceful place

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  1. The photo and the words tugged on my heartstrings, Dr. B. – I can’t imagine how your son would not be touched as well and he’d be proud of you and Dr. C, too. xx

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  2. We all need a special place. Yours sounds special. xo

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  3. I’ve moved around so many times in my life that I have left a trail of peaceful places, some of them I have had the good fortune to return to, others will just be a beautiful memory. But I make it a point to find a special peaceful place wherever I set down my bags. It is the only way to remain sane! Thank you for this piece.

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