Picture behind the story #10 Surreal in Marbella

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10. Surreal in Marbella!

It was another scorching hot day in Estepona, Spain, definitely NOT a day for the beach. Browsing some local tourism leaflets we found one describing an art gallery, Museo Ralli. Not our cup of tea normally, but as well as describing the artwork to be found there it said it was free and ….. air conditioned! So after only a 20 drive we found it at Coral Beach, parked alongside what looked like Millionaire Mansions, and walked in.

The next hour took us into the world of surrealism with a stunning array on a couple of floors of paintings and sculptures by many artists from Latin America as described on the Marbella Guide Website

“The Ralli Museum collection is well-known for its works by surrealist artists; this movement was strongly acclaimed in the Latin-American continent. Major figures of this movement in the new continent form part of this collection, like Roberto Matta, Wilfredo Lam, Carlos Revilla, Luis Sifuentes, Rodolfo Opazo or Gerardo Chávez. Concerning the European works, this same movement occupies a significant place in the collection, with the presence of figures like Giorgio de Chirico, Salvador Dalí or Joan Miró.”

The visit completely changed our travel habits and since then we have visited galleries and related museums in Denver, New York, Paris, Prague, Budapest, Malaga, Rome, Madrid …. viewing a range of artwork from the medieval period to modern times, from the Flemish Tryptychs of El Bosco to the modern art of Andy Warhol, from classical sculptures of Greek and Roman times to modern sculptures in vineyards. The single photo below doesn’t do justice to all the magnificent works we have seen, but it is THE story of how our interest in art began a few short years ago.

Click the link if you want an interesting view of the art displayed in Museo Ralli Marbella

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  1. Interesting that something unexpected can change the way that we live our lives.

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