Sculpture in the vineyard …. a stunning exhibition!

There’s more to wine than wine tasting, which is why I probably overuse the phrase “it’s not about the wine”. So, at the risk of being repetitive …. there are many reasons for visiting a vineyard and not all of them are about wine tasting. Last month we spent a day at one of our favourite local vineyards, Bothy Vineyard just outside Oxford, England. I’ve written about them previously in my Dreaming Spires article you might like as background to their scientific, environmentally friendly and biodynamic approach to winemaking. Sian and Richard had worked really hard with many local and nationally famous artists to create their annual exhibition and festival “Sculptures In The Vineyard” with over 300 beautiful examples scattered around and between the vines of Rondo, Bacchus …

Here are some of our favourite examples:

Large sculpture entitled Fork in Pollen at Bothy Vineyard, Oxfordshire, sculpture in the vineyard

Fork in Pollen … with Dr C!

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  1. What a gorgeous way to make a vineyard even more engaging. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures!

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  2. The sculptures are amazing! What a great idea. The vineyards in British Columbia are so lovely to visit just for the gorgeous scenery alone. Some include artwork as well and many are used for special functions. I once attended a wedding at a vineyard.

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    • Many vineyards do add an extra dimension, most around Europe are free for tasting and exceptionally generous. At one earlier this year I tasted 30 different wines. But this sculpture exhibition was the biggest display in a vineyard I have ever seen.

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  3. Fabulous! We’ve visited a number of vineyards in Australia who do the same thing. It’s such a good idea. These vineyards also have a restaurant, or two, so it makes for a great day out.

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    • This is the first one I’ve seen with an annual exhibition, but there’s often more to wine on these visits! In France you tend to get lots of wine festivals in villages, our favourite being the medieval Fete du Veraison in Châteauneuf du Pape every August, an entire weekend of wine, banqueting, pageantry. Everything free except …… the food!

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  4. Very impressive, I wish the vineyards around where I live did things like that!

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