The Two Doctors Wine Awards 2018: #2 Alsace


Alsace is a wine region that has everything; stunning architecture, hearty food, more Michelin starred restaurants than any other part of France …. and great wines too. In his book, Floyd Uncorked, the ubiquitous Keith Floyd says of the region:

“Alsace is always one of the most magical parts of France to visit. On a clear day, from the vineyards one can see over the River Rhine and into Germany. Given its position on the border of France and Germany its no wonder that the area has a fascinating hybrid culture. ……. Geography, and in particular its influence on climate is also at the heart of what makes the wines of Alsace so distinctive. In fact it is hard to conceive of a better climate for growing high quality white wines!”

The region also has a major advantage for relatively novice or newcomers to wine ….. every wine made is named or labelled with the actual GRAPE used to make it, so “Riesling, Francois Baur” is easy to know as opposed to “Pommard, Les Epenots, Michel Rebourgeon” where you need to know that ALL Pommards can only use Pinot Noir in their production.

Anyway, enough of the background, we visited three winemakers in Alsace from our base in Ribeauville. Two were wine cooperatives in Ribeauville itself and a few miles away in Turckheim, and the third was the fabulous Domaine Faller where I was seeking out a Grand Cru Gewürztraminer for my Wines 101 Bucket List. I have no previous post on the Turckheim Wine Cooperative but you can learn about them from the link “Turckheim”.

Read my reports on the other two visits by clicking each title below:

Ribeauville Cave Cooperative

Ribeauville cave cooperative

Domaine Faller, Weinbach

Domaine Faller, Clos des Capucins

Domaine Faller, Clos des Capucins

Each of the three wineries were quite different experiences from the modern cooperatives to the traditional Domaine Faller, but all were positive experiences. As usual …… its not about the wine!

Next, its across France and into the Loire Valley with wines tasted from Savennieres, Chinon, Saumur and Menetou Salon on the edge of the Sancerre appellation. Be ready!



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  1. Would you describe Alsace wines as French or German?

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