Wine as a metaphor for old age- Guest post by Dr. B – Vinthropology

An introduction to my guest post on Vinthropology …. do visit Danell’s site for the full monty …..

“I have had, what I can only call, the pleasure and fortune of conversing with Dr. B on the question of wine, and he has a certain sincerity and curiosity that speaks not only of wisdom but individual thought. Rather than impose meaning on wine, he is skeptical, rejecting absolutes, generalisations and preconceived notions as adequate descriptions of what wine really “is”, while accepting that the mind is nonetheless reflected through it. However often we may disagree, I’m struck by the alluring wisdom in his shedding of what could be superfluous, illusory, or otherwise considered affectation, in order to allow the wine to speak for itself. Paradoxically, this insistence on what wine is not has led to creating truly meaningful experiences of what wine has the possibility to offer. It seems that it is this reversion to simplicity which allows one not only to listen but also to reap the benefits of it. And it is for these reasons that I’ve asked Dr. B to tell his story.” Click below to read it all, wine or philosophy ….. it’s all here ..

Source: Wine as a metaphor for old age- Guest post by Dr. B – Vinthropology

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  1. Congratulations on the article. Every time I taste a new wine I remember your advice on how to describe it. Thank you for your words of wisdom and insight!

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