Bringing the Concept of Art and Wine Full Circle

Art, particularly in the form of sculptures, is becoming much more prevalent in vineyards as this blog post from Artexpressions highlights. Although it’s mostly the larger wineries that do this, a recent wine tasting visit to our local but tiny Bothy Vineyard in Oxfordshire showed what smaller vineyards can also achieve. In fact Bothy are holding a week long exhibition of 300 sculptures from 50 artists in September. Overall I think it’s a wonderful concept as most artwork I have seen in wineries connects with and reflects the landscape most positively.

FloukaArt Sailing

Sonoma and Napa valleys have been rapidly turning into rolling fields of grapes all around, giving visitors a multiple perspective on this wine-lover’s paradise. As well as reflecting the combination of soil, climate and topography-the terroir, many of the numerous wineries dotting the two valleys- of which Napa’s is wider- have become visual art collectors, exhibitors and even connoisseurs. In addition many concerts and performative arts take place in numerous wineries especially during summer season particularly in the evenings. In a serious attempt on many of the winemakers to introduce wine together with beautiful things, some museum-worthy collections are found in a sort of faux- Tuscan-villas “to capture the joie de vivre of winemaking.”

Some wineries offer an outdoor site-specific sculptures and installations as a sort of open-air contemporary art exhibit amidst of organically grown vineyards; thus luring guests, who usually come for a wine tasting and/or purchase, into a…

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