Escargots and Volnay a perfect match in Burgundy

Not to everyone’s taste, but on our wine travels in France I just can’t get enough escargots, snails to most of us! All part of my “think local, eat and drink local” and I’ve had them in several different guises notably either simply with garlic butter or even in a massive pie! What wine to drink with them? My choice is usually a Volnay, a classic Pinot Noir from the heart of Burgundy.

Escargots in garlic butter

Escargots in garlic butter

A pie full of escargots

Escargots Pie!

A Burgundy Volnay from Michel Rebourgeon


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  1. I have spent so much money on slug pellets in the garden that I just cannot face eating snails.

    I once ate bulots in a fruits de mer in La Rochelle but I didn’t realise that they were snails and I didn’t like them I have to say!

    The French of course will eat anything that creeps, slithers or slides, anything that grunts, groans or croaks!

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    • Had a dozen today, garlic butter, £5 from Waitrose. I don’t like Bulots much either, too big, prefer a Cumbrian winkle.
      A few years back in Meursault in Burgundy we were having lunch in one of our favourite restaurants, packed with locals. I ordered the 5 course Menu De France, first course snails, second course frogs legs by which time everyone was fascinated watching an Englishman tucking in to this lot. When I ordered a bottle of Grand Cru Pommard to go with my Coq au Vin I thought they were all going to fall off their chairs in shock, but it was fun and everyone wanted to speak to us etc! Not a cracked jug or house wine in sight.


      • Not a big fan of French cuisine, they are so up themselves about it. Much prefer Italian or Spanish. And their wine!

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      • My experience is that it’s the Italians who fit your description, I’ve always found the French ok but maybe that’s because I speak French and understand their wine in some detail. Spain is ok too.


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