Wine lovers masterclass on wine tasting from a neuroscientist!

Wine tasting is mostly about smell

Improve your wine tasting ability and understanding with this masterclass book from the neuroscientist working with the winemaker to break down all of the steps involved in the wine tasting process. You might be surprised to find that taste isn’t everything and that one “type” of smell dominates our senses in all wine tasting!

The Two Doctors

Taste Isn’t Everything!

Wine tasting

The professional wine fraternity seem to have completely glossed over some key findings about wine tasting by Gordon Shepherd, professor of neuroscience at Yale School of Medicine in his recent book Neuroenology. In fact they have been almost frivolous in their reporting with “headlines” about “how wine tasting isn’t all in your head” or “how tasting wine stimulates brain-maths” or “how wine tasting stimulates your brain more than any other behaviour such as listening to music”. They have missed a great opportunity to help all of us wine lovers to not only enjoy wines more, but to understand how we can better choose wines to drink, how we can “find the right language” to describe a wine or even to relate better to wine waiters or sommeliers. Wouldn’t you like to know some of these things? Shouldn’t the wine profession have acted more openly and responsibly?


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