Splash Saturday: Buddha and a Tapas Bar!

My usual day for highlighting a couple of images using a “splash filter” and today it’s all about red! These two images are unconnected other than containing small amounts of red in the originals which has been preserved by the filter, all other colours being removed. The first image was taken at the Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai and somehow my perception at the time was focused on that row of red paper lanterns, blocking out the green foliage and brown wood. The second shot was of a tapas bar in Madrid, and all I seemed to “see” was red again in the bottle tops, box, and decorated bottle. I know, weird eyesight! But it’s a fun way of photographing things sometimes.

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  1. I love the splash of red, nice touch. Thanks for the inspiration and challenge to figure out how to do that with my photos!


  2. Striking effect! I guess you can also achieve this by masking colours in photo editing.

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    • Absolutely, which is how I do it! But I seem to have an eye for black/red, I have loads previously posted on Instagram. My wife gets bored rigid on our overseas holidays as I walk around old cities looking for black red😂

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