WordPress Photochallenge: A wedding in Prague

Prague wedding and astronomical clockIt was our first visit to Prague, combined with a week in Budapest. I got up early to walk around the old city centre avoiding the later crowds of stag and hen parties which dominate this city at weekends. Crossing the old market square to get my first view of Prague’s Astronomical Clock ….. a photoshoot was taking place of a young woman modelling a wedding gown! I joined in, and got my best photo of the year.


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  1. Wow😊😊

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  2. Great shot. Intending to visit Prague later in the year.

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  3. A great photo. I love it when I stumble across a wedding in my travels. Haven’t been to Prague yet but you make it sound like Benidorm in Spain.

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  4. Stunning pic! Right place, right time ( pardon that pun, but there’s a clock involved too). I enjoyed Prague, crowded though it was at times,bu t slightly before the stag party era. I went there to sing in a concert with the choir I was in at the time, so it was quite a special trip for me. And I had to visit the site of Jan Pallach’s self-sacrifice by fire in the 1968 revolution. And the astronomical clock was a must – I am an astrologer after all, who has a passing/passable knowledge of astronomy. It was easy to ignore the crowds and just watch the clock “perform”. Then on for a beer across the square afterwards!

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  5. A good picture if you like weddings!
    I have to say that the Astronomical Clock in Prague was a big disappointment to me. I turned up at midday for the big event. First came the promised highlight of the event when a small window opened and the twelve Apostles passed by in procession each one in turn gazing out over the square. They had to be quick though because this wasn’t so much a procession as a hundred-metre dash and they sprinted past as though the landlord at the rugby club had just called last orders at the bar. Then a cock crowed and the clock chimed out the hour and that was it. I thought the whole horological experience was over rather too quickly.



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