Friday is International Sauvignon Blanc Day!

Did you know that Friday, 4th May, is International Sauvignon Blanc Day? As far as I know it’s a day driven by the New Zealand wine industry to promote as well as celebrate, but of course Sauvignon Blanc is grown around the world. In Marlborough specifically they will be having many events, and there’s one here in London with a FREE tasting of 40 wines!

So what will YOU do to celebrate the day? A Sauvignon barbecue, a Sauvignon picnic, a Sauvignon party, a Sauvignon shopping spree ….. but whatever it is do raise a glass to this Noble Grape on Friday. Here’s my favourite for Spring drinking:

Sauvignon Blanc is of course an internationally planted grape with flavours often described as gooseberry, grass, citrus, and even cat’s pee! From Sancerre and Pouilly Fume in France, to Marlborough in New Zealand however you will find many different styles and flavours, something to suit everyone. And, did you know, Sauvignon Blanc is the mother of Cabernet Sauvignon, so let’s drink it on Mother’s Day too! Want to know MORE International Grape Days? Then follow us!


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  1. PS…It’s Friday – how’s the glass of Sauvignon Blanc tasting? Cheers to you!

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    • Just got back from visiting an English vineyard, Three Choirs, not a Sauvignon Blanc in sight! Very different grape varieties grown in England, I’ll probably blog it next week though. Is it really Friday? Out our age they’re all the same 😂😂🍷👍👫


  2. Oh…my…I’m so confused by the calendar? It is Wednesday, May 2nd here in the US? So you won’t have May 2nd until 2 days from now? Maybe I need to drink more wine? 😉

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