A Glass of Wine in memory of National Pencil Day

A glass of wine in memory of Hymen Lipman, who on this day in 1858 patented a pencil with an attached eraser. Where would we all be today without such a device? How many of us in the past have turned round from our wooden desks at school and said “anyone got a rubber”! (No sniggering, that’s what we called it when I was a lad).

Anyway, today is National Pencil Day, March 30th, and I toast it with my glass of Garnacha/Tempranillo from The Wine Society remembering the last time I used a pencil was probably 1963. Cheers to Mr Lipman.


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  1. Asking for a rubber made by someone named Hymen. Hmm.

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  2. Invaluable when filling in your golf score card! As someone once said of golf “a game of long walks and poor maths”.

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  3. What??? You didn’t take this day to scribble a love note in pencil to Dr. C? Cheers!

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    • Well, I gave her breakfast tea at 6am, toast at 7pm, then did her lunch at noon. Waiting now for our daughter to arrive with her husband to visit a local …… wine bar 🍷

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