Why glorify the Romans but not the British?

Here is an alternative history of Rome:

1. The genocide of the Druids in Brittanicus

2. The complete annihilation of the Iceni

3. The murder of Boudicca and her family

4. Insane and barbaric rulers in Caligula and Nero

5. Propagation of a slave trade in Britain specifically and Europe generally

6. Imperial in nature and action

7. Fascist

Why have I written this? Because I’m in a nice tea house in Malaga, relaxing and enjoying myself, before I read this crap:

“The obsession for tea in England during the nineteenth century had devastating effects half a world away in China and India. As England expanded her imperialistic powers, she became more greedy for tea and the profits it engendered. When the British realised that trading opium for tea was more lucrative than buying tea with silver, they quickly developed a huge opium industry in India. The ruling British class in India forced local farmers to grow opium poppies in their fields, rather than food crops. The result was hunger and deprivation in India and the Opium Wars and their tragic toll in China.”


This is selective, myopic, snowflakeism, another bloody left wing feminist attempt to proscribe blame for all the worlds problems on Britain or Donald Trump. At the very least Rome owes we Brits an apology, as do the Danes, Norwegians and of course the French (Normans). Then there is the question of financial reparations for their crimes …..

 So, the next time a bloody Snowflake bangs on about the British Empire, Cecil Rhodes, et al, tell them to piss off!

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  1. Well said. I too am thoroughly irritated by politically correct revisionism!

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  2. Adding to your point, of course. History loves to chastise the winners of war, and romanticize (i.e. forget) the atrocities of the banished.

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  3. The last time I heard the story of “David and Goliath,” I secretly rooted for Goliath. I figure he probably got a bad wrap and David was, most likely, a mischievous leftist in need of a knuckle sandwich.

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