Downsizing: #5 A Decluttered Life

“The word “downsizing” makes some people nervous. It sounds like a euphemism for decline: former bankers living in caravans; people selling up in Chelsea and moving to Croatia. The fact that it can be a positive lifestyle choice often gets overlooked. Freeing up space, decluttering, can be quite liberating, engaging in minimalism can be a new adventure …. a change in personal philosophy. A positive approach will pay dividends in the long run.”
We have been living in our reduced space, the ground floor of our three storey house, for a month now and I am struggling to remember what we have used the two floors above us for previously ….. except to sleep! Now downsized we have a bedroom, a shower room/toilet, a kitchen, a utility room, a living room/tv room, and a quiet/reading room …. quite a lot for a ground floor but what else do we need?
So what do we feel now or have we deduced from our month of living in superbly de-cluttered space? Actually, it’s very difficult to put into words though everything feels extremely positive. The benefits are easy to list though, so here goes:

Physical benefits of downsizing

  1. No stairs to climb each day
  2. Lower heating bills and warmer rooms
  3. Easier to keep clean, dust free, tidy
  4. Everything is more accessible, not spread over three storeys, or cluttered
  5. Garden views from our bedroom window and bedroom/patio doors

Psychological benefits of downsizing

The above are all physical benefits but there are psychological benefits too with feelings of being:
  1. More relaxed
  2. More in-control
  3. Better organised
  4. More spacious (!)
  5. Clear headed
  6. More comfortable day to day
The overriding result from this is the realisation that we COULD move into an apartment or bungalow with the “red line” being the need for two living rooms/spaces. One is a tv room, the other a quiet/reading room that can double up as a dining room or second bedroom. But what chills us to the bone is the whole process of selling and buying with the in-between searching and viewing. But that day MUST come as we consider our late lives in a location with more and closer shops, amenities and entertainment.

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  1. Where do you keep the wine? Enjoy Malaga, I know I did!

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  2. The idea of downsizing makes living simple without the complications. It gives a homely feeling to our emotions and moments, ushering in joy.

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  3. So pleased to hear that this venture has had such a positive result. When the time comes to move into a smaller place, you will be ready. In the meantime enjoy your new lifestyle!

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