Budapest, what the fck is that?

Inspired by this shop sign I started to notice lots of strange “sights” in this great city. Some are mini bronze statues of known and unknown people, lots of designer manhole (is that word allowed) covers, weird and sad memorials to past tragedies ….. and weird people. Here’s a few …..

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  1. I never really understood why Ronald Reagan is there?

    The shoes are a very poignant symbol. The Arrow Cross was a national socialist party which led a government in Hungary known as the Government of National Unity from October 1944 to March 1945. During its short rule it is estimated that up to fifteen thousand people were murdered on the streets and eighty-thousand people were deported to their deaths in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

    It is said that they were so nasty that even Adolf Hitler thought they were extreme!

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    • I hardly understand any of them, and I understand that Peter Falk is somewhere too. Hungary’s history in recent years seems full of tragic murder by the state or ruling parties. I have had some very interesting conversations with ordinary Hungarians this week about Viktor Orbán their prime minister too!

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      • They should have one of Jimmy Carter.

        The Holy Crown is the most important part of the Hungarian Crown Jewels because it represents the authority to rule in the country. Budapest took a bit of a pounding in the Second-World-War and as the Russian Red Army arrived it was removed from the country in 1945 for safekeeping, and entrusted to the United States government. It was kept in a vault at Fort Knox until 1978, when it was returned to the nation by order of U.S. President Jimmy Carter and it is now kept at the Hungarian Parliament building where it belongs.

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  2. The shoes along the Danube are so sad. A very moving tribute. I cried when I saw them.

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