Tiffin Day at Motibinayak School

Children at our new school, Motibinayak School of Quality Education, benefit from a good lunch on NSA Tiffin Day, one of three special days sponsored by NSA’s Motibinayak Trust Fund. Next up in March will be NSA Parents Award Day, then in April, NSA Copies Day when all 150 children will receive enough copybooks/exercise books for a complete year. If you’re visiting Kathmandu why not go and see them?


Queue up for lunch!


Nursery Class


Class 1

 Report of new school inauguration New school marks end of UK charity 

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  1. What do they have for lunch, Dr. B? Curious about the Nepalese meal layout.


  2. Nice to see children enjoying yummy lunch and having fun like in picnic inside school itself…Good motivation for children!!! Hats off to NSA..Great Job 🙂

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  3. Children looked so cute and they looked surprised seeing the tiffin box! I wish we can do more! Great job! 👍

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  4. These a great pics and a really good way to keep supporting the school as well as rewarding the students.

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  1. No technology, only chalkboards and copy books! – Buddha Walks Into A Wine Bar ….
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