The Alternative Kathmandu: The complete Series #1 revisited

In recent weeks we’ve noticed that our Alternative Kathmandu series has been getting more hits than many of our more recent posts! This is possibly because either our recent posts are crap or lots of readers are looking for advice about visiting Nepal’s capital city. So, maybe it would be helpful if we aggregated those articles into a single post with links, plus created a simpler text based version for download, so here goes:

If this is your second visit to Kathmandu you may be in need of a few thoughts to explore the city further or to understand it more, so you don’t just have a quick stay before shooting off to Pokhara, Solu Kumbhu or Chitwan etc! If this is your first visit then we hope to help you get more from your trip by getting out of the mainstream rather than following the hordes every day to Swayambhu, Pashpatinath or Durbar Square. Click any of the title links to a guide that will show you places away from the main tourist crowd in Nepal’s capital city:

1. A walk back in time

Why follow the crowds around Thamel, Durbar Square etc when you are just a few hundred metres away from the real Kathmandu where the real people live? Step back in time with this easy walk and see how the original inhabitants of Kathmandu live. My wife grew up here!

2. Where to find the best lunch

Sooner or later you will be fed up of daal bhaat, momo, choyla, and curried everything. So, visit this smart hotel with a fantastic restaurant which for £10 or so gives you all you can eat at lunchtime!

3. A different temple

The crowds of tourists always make a priority of seeing Swayambhu or Pashpatinath, but there is a different and ancient temple in Lalitpur away from these crowds well worth a visit, especially if combined with a walk around the town’s Durbar Square.

4. The Himalaya Tea Corner

A simple shop but with a great welcome if you are a tea lover, and ….. just like a wine tasting ……. you can taste the teas as well here. Tell them I sent you!

5. The lost noses of Kirtipur

A strange tale of what Prithvi Narayan Shah, the creator of modern day Nepal, did to the inhabitants of the town of Kirtipur for holding out against his unification siege. Kirtipur is an oasis of quiet a short bus or taxi ride from central Lalitpur.

6. Cash, Bean and Fire

A strange title for a post, but this is a MUST combination of where to get the best money exchange rate, plus the best coffee shop, plus the best pizza in Kathmandu, all within 25 metres of each other!






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