From the rubble of the Nepal earthquake

The earthquake took many lives in Nepal, both in the capital city of Kathmandu as well as in remote areas such as Sindhupalchok and Langtang. That it happened on a Saturday was a blessing however as the school buildings that collapsed were empty and the potential loss of many children’s lives inside unsafe, dark, unhygienic shacks is unthinkable.
Since 2015 the Nepal government has remained true to form in its complete incompetence, as well as its arrogance and ignorance, in any development of the infrastructure or institutions of the State. Everyone knows that the billions of dollars in aid money has simply disappeared! People are still without their homes and we have one nephew in Kathmandu who lost everything and received nothing.
But we at Nepal Schools Aid did NOT follow the government edict that all aid monies should go into the national pot for ministerial distribution. We have worked in Kathmandu too long to take any notice of corrupt officials who continue to fleece NGOs and INGOs, choosing instead to work with schools directly. Our 10 year record shows the development of the quality of education in 200 schools and the training of 2000 teachers, but the earthquake focused our attention on little Motibinayak School in Lalitpur and its need for rebuilding. So, after a year of fundraising (£100,000), building work, classroom design and furniture installation, kicking the backsides of a few teachers and “officials”, the new school opens. Official inauguration is in 10 days time which we will report and acknowledge the key people who made it all happen.
In the meantime here are some photos of the new school compared with what typical state schools look like in Nepal. The difference is quite shocking!

Typical Nepal Classrooms

Motibinayak School of Quality Education

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  1. Great post . Nepal is really a beautiful country .I recently travelled to Nepal with my family . Here’s our travel experience through Nepal covering Kathmandu,Pokhara,Bhaktapur & Nagarkot along with the travel tips to plan better for Nepal Vacations !

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  2. The new school looks wonderful and much more conducive to learning. I love the smiles on the children!

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  3. Dear Brian and Champa

    This is an amazing culmination and celebration of all your hard work over so many years which will benefit the poorest of children in Nepal. This aspirational school building will be a physical and lasting legacy and a great tribute to you and your family. It will continue to stand as a reminder that your NSA quality curriculum and teacher training programme exists for any Nepalese Minister who decides to behave with the same sense of responsibility, honesty and compassion that you have both shown.
    You should be very proud. Three cheers to both of you…Hip, Hip, HOORAY…!

    I’ll look forward to the official opening photos. 🙂

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  4. What a difference in terms of the environment that has been created for these children. It will make such a difference to their ability to learn as well as communicate. A fantastic achievement by everyone involved. So proud to see the immediate results and I hope the school goes from strength to strength!

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