Weekend Wineart: The cellars of Burgundy

Our annual holiday in Burgundy was spent operating as a tour guide to our daughter and husband for one week, and to some close friends from Cumbria for the second week, not complaining …… because it made us interested in a few things we had previously  forgotten about or even never been interested in! One such feature was concerned with the miles and miles of cellars beneath the town of Beaune, and we chose the cellars of Patriarche to visit, and to taste one or two of their wines as well!

According to the Beaune Tourism Office Patriarche have the largest cellars in Burgundy with 5 Kilometers in Beaune where more than 3 million bottles of wine are kept! You pay a fee of €17 and follow the signs for self guided walking through the tunnels before arriving at some connected areas with wines to taste at your leisure. We had around 12 wines to taste, some of which cost €100 per bottle so as you can see you are getting a good value tasting. The lighting, carvings, old barrels and bottles are excellent subjects for photography, definite Wineart.

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