5 Brilliant blogs to improve your wine tasting habits

5 Brilliant Blogs To Improve Your Wine Tasting Habits

1504190370381Read the best articles from this weeks wine blogosphere right here, right now, without having to search or browse around! Our best picks include posts on Food & Wine Pairing, Tips For Building a Wine Cellar, The Best Way to Wash & Dry Wine Glasses, Our Fave Grape-Pinot Noir, and The Best New Wine App.

1. Getting started with food and wine pairing

Discover the 9 Rules of Food & Wine Pairing so you NEVER have to agonise over pleasing your dinner guests or endlessly search the internet for advice from every chef and sommelier on the planet. This article will teach you how each wine and food has specific but simple characteristics you must know to arrive at the perfect combination.

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2. Tips for creating a home wine cellar

Common sense and strategic thinking will help you create a wine collection to stand the test of time. We have personally followed these 9 simple steps to build our own collection of 200 bottles. You can do it too!

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3. What’s the best way to wash and dry wine glasses?

Dishwasher or by hand, when guests depart or the next morning, with or without detergent? Oh how we have agonised over these questions about our precious glassware for decades! So at last here’s some sensible advice from people who REALLY know.

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4. A guide to Pinot Noir-our favourite grape

Pinot Noir is known to be the most difficult grape in the world to grow, terroir is everything! But this means that you can shell out loads of money for a crap wine without knowing and understanding a Burgundian Pommard from a Californian Pinot! This article will set you straight!

Source Social Vignerons

Read the full article on Pinot Noir

 5. How to create your own wine tasting event

A recent family tasting of Italian wines led us to Winetracker.co, a web app that has a simple slider scale function to assess and score a wine. Nothing special about that you might say, except when you realise that everyone sharing the App is part of the tasting team sharing comments and scores in real time. Stunning!


Source winetracker.co

Read the full Winetracker.co article on Tasting Events

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