L’Etape Du Tour 2017: the ride of our dreams filled with emotion and memory

What can a mother and father possibly say about this achievement of their daughter and husband? Fantastic achievement only bettered by pro-cyclusts!

The Year of Sharon

It’s THE day we have been training for! With a 5am alarm and only about 4 hours of sleep, it really felt like an Alpine start! Excitement and fear had kicked in as soon as I opened my eyes with a huge wave of nausea, but there was no time to get those under control. We had our plan to get ready and we needed to be efficient to get down to the start line.

To ride in the Etape Du Tour is a cyclists dream and so here we are! On the starting line with 15000 other riders!!

I have so much to share about the epic hours of this day, some it so freshly engraved in my memories whilst I also have some dark tough moments that I can hardly remember… I’m sure some of these will also come back to me! This post is going to be…

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  1. What an experience… Sharon and Michel have shown such determination and zest for life – not to mention great commitment to each other. Huge congratulations to them! You must be SOOOOO proud of them both.

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